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Simple. The rules. Please follow these, or you will face the consequences.

1 1 Rules
by C A S S I D Y ford xx
Jul 31, 2006 12:08:28 GMT
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Application Database

Come here to create your characters. We expect a decent length App.

Password Protected.

Sub-boards: Accepted, Declined

42 93 Black, Alexa
by Alexa Black
Oct 19, 2006 16:48:30 GMT
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Pregnancy Applications

Housing Requests

Q + A

Signature Claims


Sub-boards: Signature Claims, Jobs, Pregnancy Applications, Questions and Answers, Housing Applications

12 24 Ward Estate
Aug 10, 2006 10:52:24 GMT

In Depth

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Character Database

Here you can store information about your character like friends and family and lovers etc.

3 3 Character Creation
by ericsford
Oct 9, 2015 0:30:44 GMT
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Plot Planning

Need a Plot for your character? Just post here exactly what it is you want and see if any one joins in.

12 53 [♥] plottish needed for me lovely kade
by [candence][skylar] ♥
Aug 22, 2006 18:27:51 GMT


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Important Announcements are made here.

3 3 Camping too;-)
by :: Drew Walker ::
Aug 10, 2006 19:01:49 GMT
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Come here to chat randomly with other members, post quizzes or pictures. Whatever you want really.

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Advertise other sites, be sure to put out banner up or else your advertisment will be removed. No illegal/racist/sexist/pornograph or abusive sites thank you. RPG's or RPG Listing's will do.

Guests Allowed

13 14 Detroit City
by Poseiden
Sept 3, 2006 7:08:03 GMT
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Picture Requests

Need a new picture for your character? Come here to request one from one of the great studios we have to offer. If you would like a studio, please PM the Admin.

Sub-boards: x - c h e r r y - k i s s e s - g r a p h i z - x, Impressionable Studios, .F é f é . S t u d i o s., Poseidon Zdesigns

15 43 Need a piccie please
by Mackenzie//Jordan
Aug 15, 2006 4:28:49 GMT


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Beach Mansions

Street Names;

Coastline Boulevard

You need to be pretty wealthy to own one of these homes. Beautiful big rooms, 5 bedrooms, two main bathrooms, two bedrooms with en-suite. Kitchen. dining. Living. Office. Total of 20 rooms, all can be made into whatever you'd like. Huge back gardens ... and fromt gardens looking over to sea. Price varies but mostly high and expensive.

Sub-boards: Vintage Paradise, Sea Diamond Estate, Shoreline Estates

1 4 b a c k t o r e a l i t y xx (cont)
by C A S S I D Y ford xx
Aug 9, 2006 16:41:12 GMT
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City Houses

Street Names;

Shooting Star Lane

Shooting Star Lane is built up of many 'normal' homes. 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, some homes have ensuites in the master bedroom, kitchen, medium sized bathroom, back and fromt garden Etc. Affordable.

Calimari Close

These are the littler city houses, they have 2 or 3 bedroom, lounge, dining area, kitchen, back garden, some have front gardens, others only have a little patio type front. Affordable.

Fishermen's Catch

This little crescent shaped residential area consists of large houses, most have four bedrooms, pone ensuite and one large bathrrom, back anf front gardens, and all the other typical things. Suprisingly however, due to the housing being quite close to the noisy harbour. Price Varies.

Sub-board: Blitz's House.

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Apartment Block Names;

Waterfall Mist Highrises

These highrises are made for anyone really but there's absolutely no graffitti or litter. At the top of a large cliff, on the top floor, you may feel dizzy, but you may feel like you're looking over the whole world. Affordable.

Waterfall Mist Penthouses

These are at the highest point of the Highrises, the building get's it's name as it is situated right near to a waterfall. Expensive.

Backden Estate

This is maybe a slightly 'tacky' estate of several blocks of apartments, inside though, apartments could and can be very beautiful, the appearance can be a slight put off, as graffitti and litter pollutes the area and needles are quite often found. Affordable.

Sub-boards: Sam Rutis' Apartment, Jason and Griffin's Apartment, Alexia Troye's Penthouse, Sydney McAdam's Penthouse

1 15 Haunted by a million screams
by Jason Carlson
Aug 10, 2006 22:02:27 GMT
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Street Names;

Lemontree Avenue

Studios are usually one floored, one bedrooms, kitchen/dining, lounge and bathroom, combined. They're small. The appearance is quite boring. There's no back garden or front garden either. But they're ideal for starter homes for students on bare income. Some are rented out to the major house developers or home owners, others are for sale for a cheap price.

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The Beach

This is the Beach. Welcome to Paradise. Warm, golden sands, and cool cerulean water. Beautiful. PErfect for scuba diving, and if you don't go out too far, swimming.

4 72 Taking a b r e a k from reality
by [x] Chase Stevens
Aug 9, 2006 6:15:42 GMT
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Western Waters

Here you can rent out anything you might need for the beach such as surf boards, body boards, parasols, sun loungers, jet skis and much more.

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Beach Hut Gift Shop

A cozy, very bohemian-themed shack of which multiple souvenirs and gifts are sold for you to remember this little beach in California. Small little trinkets can be bought here, like t-shirts, waterglobes, sunglasses, magnets etc; all are engraved with California on them in gold.

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Golden Beach Restaurant

The Golden Beach restaurant is a seafood restaurant located on the beach. It's top class and the food is always fresh and of high quality. There is indoor and outdoor seating and the outdoor seating looks out over the ocean with perfect views, especially at sunset.

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Angel Freak Hell

Angel Freak Hell is the main club in this area of California. Open all hours, and only shut from 3-5pm for an afternoon Siesta.
The doormen are quite fierce, but, will make deals to let the younger people in. All sorts of alcohol are served here.

2 14 && Time Out
by Sam Rutis
Aug 9, 2006 23:44:10 GMT
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Allure and Elegance

Allure and Elegance is a large modelling company, for both male and female. There is many different magazines for other companies, and some models can be hired for promotional work. There is also a magazine which was specially made for Diamondz and Pearlz, but which seems to have been took over by top shelves and many men wanting the topless, or fully clotheless shots.

Sub-board: Modelling Applications

5 28 Introductions
by C A S S I D Y ford xx
Aug 16, 2006 19:43:55 GMT
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The Mall

There are many, many different types of designer, and no designer stores located here.

Sub-boards: Gucci, Abercrombie, Lacoste, Burberry, Prada, Moschino, Versace, Hot Topic, Steve's Skate Store, Girl's Best Friend, Tiny Toes, Supermarket

4 15 xx. f e e l s l i k e i [n e e d] i t
by xx. a l e x i s J A N E L L
Aug 14, 2006 20:25:31 GMT
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Hope, Wish, Love Hospital

This hospital is one of the best in America, and busiest. It has a lot of workers and has the most modern technology and medicines. However, not everyone can be cured.

1 23 don't worry about regret or guilt
by Griffin Cole
Aug 11, 2006 8:47:24 GMT
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Food Court

The Food Court houses many restaurants, mainly fast food but there are a few nice ones. A few examples of whats inside are Taco Bell, KFC, McDonalds and many more.

Sub-boards: McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Burger King, Pizza Hut

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Emergency Services

The Emergency Services. This includes the Fire and Police Stations.

Sub-boards: Ambulance Depot, Police Station, Fire Station

1 6 what a day!![Jude]
by Jude Harrison //♥
Aug 9, 2006 11:45:59 GMT
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Paradise is a slihtly looser club, it's not as hardcore as Angel Freak Hell, and te doormen are a lot more soft therefore, just let anyone in, as long as they see any old ID badge, it could be anyones, but a flash of an ID card and your in, they couldn't care less. It's a place for the younger ones to get smashed.

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City Schooling

This is a large area of land made up of four large buildings and a smaller one. Kindergarten [pre-school], Elementary school, High, College, and University.

Each section above and including High offers dorms for students to home themselves in.

Sub-boards: California Kindergarten, El Dorado Elementary School, Babylon High School, California Christ College, Univeristy Of Bliss

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China Town

China Town is a large shinese reataurant full of many different chinese dishes. No knives and forksin sight, just chopsticks.

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The Sushi Bar

This is just a little room where you sit by a conveyer belt and take whatever you want from it. The dishes are color coded so the Waiters and Waitresses know how much to charge you.

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The Old English Pub

The Old English is a pub with traditonal English food and ales. But there's also a range of differet alcohols and juices, and cuisine.

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Lovely is a pretty restaurant for all ages, it offers a childrens play area, but the restaurant is so romantic, dimly lit with red roses in pink tinted vases on the tables.

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California Heat

California Heat is an Indian Cuisine Reataurant and take away with fairly expensive prices, but large portions and second to none food.

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Buttercup Fields

Buttercup fields are located on the outskirts of the city and get their name from the masses of buttercups that grow there through the spirng and summer months. They're perfect for walks, picnics or even for letting you animals graze on the lush greenery.

2 12 &[ C H A S I N G C A R S ]
by >>[ N A T A S H A ] grey.
Aug 15, 2006 22:53:08 GMT
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Buckskin Stables

The stables offers riding lessons, a place to keep your horse there and a place to work. Surrounded by lovely scenery, and if you look you can see the horizon the blue sea and the blue sky connecting.

2 15 Me and U![open]
by Mackenzie//Jordan
Aug 7, 2006 3:17:08 GMT
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The Old Street Market

The old street market is made up of lots of little stalls with hand made crafts and lots of paintings and all different little things like that. It's a good place to get little trinkets for an affordable price and keepsakes.

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Baby Bliss Day Care

Need to drop you 0-3 year old off whilst you do whatever it is you wanna do? Here's the place. The nursery nurses are lovely and there is lots of care and humor. Decorated beautifully in a micture of bright and pastel colors and equipt with the latest items for toddlers, your youngster will never be bored or unhappy.

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Grocery Store

The Grocery Store is JUST outside the city but is classed as being in suburbia. Just come here if your low on a few bits and bobs, but don't need to go to the supermarket.

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California Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is just like a park, yet some birds are there which are hardly anywhere else, and there are special fish in the lake, so the Park Rangers make breeding programs, so for that it's classed as a nature reserve. But the Reserve offers a large play area for kids, and is really like a huge, pretty park.

2 2 HD How/To Get Adobe@Flash%Player On Android Phone
by kamylkal
Jun 4, 2016 3:54:12 GMT


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Diamondz and Pearlz

Diamondz and Pearlz is a ultimate rich gentlemen's club. Strippers and dancers and saucy lap dancers all gather here, as well as flirty bar staff.

Sub-board: Private Rooms

2 4 Have Another Drink..x
by Séance Jones
Aug 12, 2006 21:41:30 GMT
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Broken Glass Valley

Also known as Murder Lane aswell. This is a really long alley, completely dark, on both sides are huge abandoned warehouses and hardly anyone goes down here, apart from the ruthless and the prostitutes and drug users, the mob also meet up here occasionally.

1 2 b a c k t o r e a l i t y xx
by C A S S I D Y ford xx
Aug 9, 2006 10:20:11 GMT
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Abandoned Alley

These are the warehouses and mansions either side of Broken Glass Valley, they're spooky, often home to the homeless, and stray cats and dogs. Hooker's are also common around here.

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Instant Messaging

If you want to send an IM to someone, you do it here. They can either be private with just one person or open to anyone who comes across it!

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No New Posts is a blogging site for all kinds of people. Whether you want to meet new people or just introduce yourself to others, its a fun, online community to be in!

7 7
by Blitz Williams.
Aug 5, 2006 19:12:29 GMT


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